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Lamp is an electronic device that is used to produce light in the visible region with the help of electric current. It is said to be the most common form of artificial lightning and is very essential for its usage in the modern world, as it provides interior lighting for buildings and exterior lighting for nighttime and evening activities. When defined in technical and scientific terms, any replaceable component that can produce light with the help of electricity (or batteries, chemical energy) is called a lamp. These are generally called light bulbs, such as incandescent light bulbs. In their composition, they usually have a base made up of ceramic, glass, metal or plastic, which secures the lamp in the socket of a light fixture. With the help of a screw thread base, the electric connection to the socket can be made, in addition, one might require two metal pins, a bayonet cap or two metal caps. 

One can divide lamps into three major categories, which are, incandescent lamps, discharge lamps and LED lamps. Incandescent lamps produce light when it's filament is heated white hot with the help of electric current, gas discharge lamps produce light with the help of an electric arc through gas and LED bulbs produce light through the mechanics of a semiconductor.

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    Lamp Hd
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    Street Lamp
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