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Pepsi is a carbonated drink manufactured by one of the biggest brands PepsiCo. This drink was originally invented and developed by Caleb Bradham in 1893, in New Burn, New Carolina, United States. It was first introduced as Brad's drink but later as Pepsi-Cola in 1898.The name Pepsi-Cola came from the Greek word for “digestion', which is pronounced the same as Pepsi; and cola which came from the “kola nut”. The greek word of Pepsi was chosen because the drink was supposed to aid digestion. It was said that Bradham sought to create a drink that would aid digestion and boost energy. The recipe was also said to include vanilla and sugar. The name Pepsi-Cola was finally shortened to Pepsi in 1961.
In 1903 Bradham shifted the of Pepsi from his drugstore to rented warehouse. That year, 7,968 gallons of syrup was sold by him. The very next year, the sales were increased by 19,848 gallons, as Pepsi was now sold in six-ounce-bottles. The first celebrity to endorse Pepsi in 1909, was Barney Oldfield, an automobile race pioneer. He described Pepsi as “ A bully drink, refreshing, invigorating, a fine bracer before a race”. “Delicious and Healthful was the theme of the advertisement, it was then used for another two decades.

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