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Hitman is a stealth video game series evolved through the danish developer io interactive, formerly posted by using eidos interactive and rectangular enix. Io interactive remained a subsidiary of square enix until 2017, when square enix commenced seeking buyers for the studio, io interactive finished a management buyout, regaining their independent fame and maintaining the rights for hitman, in june 2017. The video games available for microsoft windows and more than one consoles, which includes the playstation 2, xbox, gamecube, playstation three, xbox 360, ps vita, playstation four, xbox one, playstation five, xbox series x, and google stadia.
The franchise also consists of novels and a image novel: hitman: enemy inside written with the aid of william c. Dietz, hitman: damnation written with the aid of raymond benson, and the prequel agent 47: delivery of a hitman. Films loosely based on the video game collection were also made: hitman in 2007, and hitman: agent forty seven in 2015, each of which received on the whole negative critiques. The video games revolve round agent 47, a clone created to be the best murderer, reputedly lacking any human emotions in anyway. Enlisted as a settlement killer by way of the fictitious international agreement organization, 47 is sent to numerous locations across the globe to kill targets in a silent style. His perfect document locations him in excessive demand a few of the wealthy and elite. Each game presents their very own story line that, for the maximum component, aren't interconnected, but however occur inside the same continuity.

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    Hitman Free Download Png
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    Hitman Picture
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    Hitman Png Pic
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    Hitman Png Clipart
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    Hitman Png Picture
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    Hitman Png File
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    Hitman Png Hd
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    Hitman Transparent
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    Hitman Free Png Image
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    Hitman High-Quality Png
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    Hitman Png
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    Hitman Download Png
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    Hitman Png Images
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