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Artificial grass or synthetic grass or artificial turf is generally a surface made up of synthetic fibre in order to make it look like natural grass. Their most often use is at sports arena on the grounds of games which are originally or are normally played on grass. In modern day, these are also very popularly used by people to decorate their homes, offices, corridors, etc. These are also now popularly used as mats, finding its place on residential lawns and commercial applications as well. The main reason for their popularity and extensive use today is the stress of maintenance, since artificial grass was invented for heavy use in sports arenas, they do not require any irrigation or trimming and hence are easy to maintain and natural to look at. These came as a boom to doomed, partially covered or covered stadiums as these cannot grow natural grass in their stadiums due to lack of sunlight, even if they can it is very difficult to keep them healthy and put. 

Artificial grass has its own disadvantages as well. For example, periodic cleaning is required, limited life, petroleum use, heightened health, toxic chemicals from infill and safety concerns. Artificial grass gained its share of attentian in 1966, 54 years ago.

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