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The tomato is the edible berry of the plant Solanum lycopersicum which is commonly known as a tomato plant and is normally found to be red in colour. The species originated in Central America and western South America. The word is derived from the Nahuatl word tomatl of Aztec language which further gave rise to the Spanish word tomate, thereby, giving the English word tomato. The domestication and use of tomato as a cultivated food originated with the indigenous peoples of Mexico.
Tomatoes are a prominent source of umami flavor. The tomato is consumed in various ways, raw or cooked, in many dishes, salads, sauces and drinks. Despite tomatoes being fruits, which are botanically classified as berries, they are more commonly used as a vegetable ingredient or side dish.
Numerous varieties of the tomato plant are extensively grown in temperate climates across the world with the help of greenhouses which allow the production of tomatoes throughout all seasons of the year. Tomato plants typically grow to 1 to 3 meters or 3 to 10 ft in height. They are vines, specifically herbs, having a weak stem that sprawls and typically needs support. Although, indeterminate tomato plants are perennials in their native habitat, however, are cultivated as annuals.

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