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A design can be categorised into multiple heads with various definitions. For example, one can refer to the word design in order to relate it with some patterns and drawings of curves which might or might not have a meaning or description in words but are very appealing to the eye of the observer or one might use the word design to refer to a drawn plan or specification for the construction of a system or an object in order to implement some activity or process. A sample design in the later case might also come to be known as a prototype or process. One can conclude that both the definitions agree on one point that both are drawings or patterns or plans which are either in paper or mind of a person. Whereas in the first definition one might consider those meaningless and on the other part one can think of designs as outline of work which is required to be done by following them. 

The person who is responsible for the production of the design is called the designer. The workpiece os her/his work of art, be it of any model or just a drawing. This is also used as a technical term to describe people in the profession of designing indulged in any one of the various design areas. Some of these areas might be fashion designing, textile designing, etc.

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  • Last Shirt Symmetry Of Us Logo The PNG Image

    Last Shirt Symmetry Of Us Logo The
    Format: PNG
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  • Firefly Product Computer Wallpaper Royalty Painting Inc PNG Image

    Firefly Product Computer Wallpaper Royalty Painting Inc
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