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Goat is a domestic animal. It comes in more than 15 kinds of breed. Goats are kept in a house called loafing shed. In world, there are 2.62 Million goats are present in 2018. Gestation period of a goat is 150 days. Group of goats is called as herd. Goat’s life span is around 15 to 18 years if they kept in a good condition. Goat is very unique creature as when baby goat takes birth, it starts walking within few minutes. Goats are very innocent in nature. They respond to the human voice whom they trust. Goats are considered as intelligent animal; they are not foolish as the way they look.

Goat’s milk is very useful especially when a patient is suffering from dengue. It acts as a best remedy for dengue patients. Male goats are known as bucks or billys, female goats are called as does or nannys where baby goat is called as kid. Giving birth to the group of baby goats in known as kidding. Goats are used as for fiber, meat as well as milk. they have versatile use. Goats plays a role in Hindu and Islamic culture and belief.

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    Goat Download Png
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    Goat Free Png Image
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    Goat Transparent
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    Goat Png Pic
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    Goat Png Clipart
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    Goat Png
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    Goat Png Hd
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    Goat Free Download Png
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    Goat Png Image
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    Goat Png File
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    Goat Picture
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    Goat Png Picture
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  • Simulator Simulation Android Xbox Goat Free Clipart HQ PNG Image

    Simulator Simulation Android Xbox Goat Free Clipart HQ
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