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An internet meme is usually known just like a meme. The meme is a concept, catchphrase, or piece on media often spreads for humorous purposes, from one person to another person on the internet. A meme is commonly in the form of an image, GIF, video, it can also be just a word or phrase, sometimes it includes puns and intentional misspellings or incorrect grammar. These memes are meant to spread from person to person via social media, blogs, news sources or emails. The meme culture has grown like any other fads or sensation on social media because of the instant communication transmission on the internet.
Memes are generally made for the purpose of short laugh and fun, but some memes really mean something and some are made by some official agencies to spread awareness among the people in that certain regions. Memes on Facebook and Instagram are extremely famous because by the use of memes the people on social media can actually get famous and earn their living. There is a certain fight for the copyright of the meme because it in turns affects the income of the meme-maker. The meme is a fun way to spread the information across social media.

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  • Purple Royale Game Games Fortnite Violet Battle PNG Image

    Purple Royale Game Games Fortnite Violet Battle
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