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Car wheel is a developed form of the ancient wheel. At the time it was invented, it was described as a circular block of a durable and hard material at whose centre has been bored a circular hole through which the wheel is placed at an axle bearing about which it rotates when a moment is applied by torque or gravity to the wheel about its axis, thereby making together one of the six simple machines. Later this was used to carry loads, as when placed vertically under a load bearing case or platform, the wheel turning on the horizontal axle helps to make it possible for transportation of material which are heavy to carry. 

This simple technique is installed in the modern day cars which are used to carry loads, cargo and humans from from place to another. The engine of the cars provide the required torque to the wheels, as so set them in motion. But it's not alone the wheel that does all functioning on its own. A ring shaped component exists surrounding the rim of the wheel to transfer vehicles load from axle to wheel to the ground, this component is called tyre. These are mostly pneumatically inflated structures, working as a flexible cushion that absorbs shock as the wheel moves over rough terrain.

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  • Car Wheel Transparent PNG Image

    Car Wheel Transparent
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  • Car Wheel Free Download Png PNG Image

    Car Wheel Free Download Png
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  • Car Wheel Png Picture PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png Picture
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  • Car Wheel Png PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png
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  • Car Wheel Png Pic PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png Pic
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  • Car Wheel Picture PNG Image

    Car Wheel Picture
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  • Car Wheel Png Hd PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png Hd
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  • Car Wheel Png File PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png File
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  • Car Wheel Free Png Image PNG Image

    Car Wheel Free Png Image
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  • Car Wheel Png Clipart PNG Image

    Car Wheel Png Clipart
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