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Enchantress is a fictional supervillainess acting in american comic books posted by using dc comics. Created by using bob haney and howard purcell, the person made her first look in extraordinary adventures #187 (april 1966). The man or woman, whose actual call is june moone, has periodically been depicted as an antihero. She seems within the 5th volume of the suicide squad comedian series, in which she is a habitual member of the group and a romantic hobby of killer croc. The enchantress become portrayed via cara delevingne within the 2016 film suicide squad, that is a part of the dc extended universe, and is portrayed via samantha liana cole on the display legends of tomorrow, that's a part of the arrowverse. The enchantress ("the switcheroo-witcheroo" as she become bannered on the quilt) first seemed in the nine-page lead story of weird adventures #187 (april 1966), the country wide comics (now dc comics) flagship science fiction anthology name.
She then regarded in two 8-page appearances within the equal title: odd adventures #191 (august 1966) and #two hundred (can also 1967), written by using bob haney and drawn with the aid of co-author howard purcell. The first two memories were reprinted in journey comics #417 (march 1972) and #419 (may additionally 1972), her best appearances within the nineteen seventies. Following this, the enchantress seemed in related supergirl testimonies within the superman own family #204–205 (november/december 1980–january/february 1981). Author jack c. Harris and artist trevor von eeden proposed to dc an all-female superteam named the "strength squad" which could have blanketed the enchantress, but had been grew to become down. The character appeared in a -part tale proposing the forgotten villains inside the superman crew-up title dc comics gives #77–78 (january–february 1985). She was one of the notable-characters in legends #three (january 1987) and legends #6 (april 1987), accompanied by means of the starting place of the suicide squad in secret origins vol. 2 #14 (might also 1987) and the without delay following suicide squad collection problems #1–eight (may additionally 1987–december 1987) and #12–sixteen (april 1988–august 1988), written by using john ostrander; and the spectre vol. 2 #11 (february 1988).

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    Enchantress Transparent
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