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The national flag of canada (french: le drapeau countrywide du canada) regularly honestly referred to as the canadian flag, or unofficially because the maple leaf or (french ; lit. 'the one-leafed'), consists of a red subject with a white square at its centre in the ratio of one:2:1, within the center of that is featured a stylized, pink, 11-pointed maple leaf charged inside the centre. It's miles the first flag to were followed by way of both homes of parliament and officially proclaimed by using the canadian monarch because the usa's reputable national flag. In 1964, top minister lester b. Pearson shaped a committee to solve the continued difficulty of the shortage of an legit canadian flag, sparking a critical debate approximately a flag change to update the union flag. Out of three alternatives, the maple leaf layout by george stanley, based totally at the flag of the royal military college of canada, changed into decided on.
The flag made its first legitimate appearance on february 15, 1965; the date is now celebrated annually as national flag of canada day. The canadian purple ensign was in unofficial use for the reason that 1860s and formally accepted by using a 1945 order in council to be used "anyplace place or event might also make it ideal to fly a one of a kind canadian flag". Additionally, the royal union flag stays an authentic flag in canada, to symbolize canada's allegiance to the monarch and club inside the commonwealth of countries. There's no regulation dictating how the country wide flag is to be handled, however there are conventions and protocols to manual how it's far to be displayed and its area within the order of precedence of flags, which offers it primacy over the aforementioned and maximum different flags. Many exclusive flags created for use via canadian officers, authorities our bodies, and army forces include the maple leaf motif in a few fashion, both by using having the canadian flag charged in the canton, or by such as maple leaves in the layout. The canadian flag additionally appears on the government's wordmark.

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