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Eating food is an act done by people or animals of chewing and swallowing and then finally digesting food for the purpose of either gaining nutrition or just for taste. In technical terms it is the ingestion of food, generally to provide a heterotrophic organism with energy and to permit for growth. Heterotrophs including humans, animals and others, must eat in order to survive, herbivores eat plants, carnivores eat other animals, omnivores consume a mixture of both animal and plant matter. There also exist detritivores which eat detritus. The organisms called fungi would digest organic matter outside of their bodies as opposed to animals that digest their food inside their bodies. 

The amount of nutritional intake is controlled and limited by some individuals. The reason for the same might be the choice of their lifestyle, due to famine or hunger, as part of diet or any other religious fasting. For the preparation of food, many people have a large space denoted for the purpose, the place is called a kitchen. Some people also have a specific dining place also called a dining room or a dining place. Many societies also have food courts, restaurants and food vendors so that people can have food even if they are away from home.

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  • Eating Hd PNG Image

    Eating Hd
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  • Eating Transparent Image PNG Image

    Eating Transparent Image
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  • Eating PNG Image

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  • Eating Free Download PNG Image

    Eating Free Download
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  • Eating Picture PNG Image

    Eating Picture
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  • Eating Transparent Background PNG Image

    Eating Transparent Background
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  • Eating Photos PNG Image

    Eating Photos
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  • Eating Image PNG Image

    Eating Image
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  • Eating File PNG Image

    Eating File
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  • Eating Transparent PNG Image

    Eating Transparent
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  • Eating Transparent PNG Image

    Eating Transparent
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  • Eating Photo PNG Image

    Eating Photo
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  • Eating Clipart PNG Image

    Eating Clipart
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