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The word silhouette refers to the image of the person, object or animal or any scene represented as a solid shape of a single colour, generally black, with its edges happening to match the outline of the subject. The interior of the composed silhouette is featureless. Usually a silhouette is presented on a light background, generally white or off white or pale yellow, and sometimes nothing at all. There exists a difference between the silhouette and an outline, an outline happen to depict the edge of an object in a linear form whereas a silhouette tends to exist as a solid shape. 

The creation of silhouette images can be done easily in any visual artistic media. People used to cut pieces of paper to describe the objects and then they were stuck to a backing in a contrasting colour and later on if the person wished, they got if framed. This is an easy representation of a silhouette in an artistic form. The cutting of portrait, generally in profile, out of black card became popular in the mid 18th century, whereas one can note that the term silhouette was seldom used till the early decades of the 19th century.

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  • Icons Twitter Recipe Downtown Computer Black Tenzo PNG Image

    Icons Twitter Recipe Downtown Computer Black Tenzo
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