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Energy, in the terms of physics can be defined as a quantitative capacity of a body to perform work or to get heated. Energy is also a conserved quantity like linear momentum and electric charge, the law of conservation of energy underlines that energy can be conserved in form but neither created nor destroyed. The SI unit of energy is nothing but joule, the same as that of work, and it can be defined as the energy transferred to any object by the work of moving it a distance of 1 meter by applying a force of 1 newton. 

Energy can be classified into various forms, some of them are frictional energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, electrostatic energy, elastic energy, chemical energy, sound energy, radiant energy, thermal energy, etc. Kinetic energy is the energy possessed by an object due to its virtue of motion. Potential energy is the energy energy possessed by an object due to its virtue of position and configuration. The potential energy possessed due its virtue of position is in response to the gravitational force and hence a certain energy is stored in the object which is opposite in the direction of the field and keeps it from falling.

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