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Pills also known as tablet is a pharmaceutical oral dose form also known as OSD or any solid unit dosage form. Pills may be defined as the solid unit dosage form medication or medications with suitable excipients and it's preparation is done either by compression or either by molding. Its composition is a mixture of active substances and excipients, generally in a powder form, compacted or pressed from a powder into a solid dose. The excipients might include granulating agents or binders, diluents, glidants (flow aids) and lubricants to ensure the purpose of efficient tabletting. There are also disintegrants which help in the promotion of tablet break up in the digestive tract. There is also inclusion of sweeteners also known as flavours which are added to enhance the taste, and pigments whose purpose is to make the pill visually attractive or help in identifying a pill. 

Often, a polymer coating is done to make the pill smoother and easier to swallow, to make it more resistant to the environment and hence enhancing its shelf life, to control the release rate of the active ingredient or to enhance the pill's appearance. The compressed form of pill is the most popular dosage form today.

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  • Pills File PNG Image

    Pills File
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    Pills Image
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  • Pills Transparent PNG Image

    Pills Transparent
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  • Pills Clipart PNG Image

    Pills Clipart
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  • Pills PNG Image

    Format: PNG
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  • Pills Free Download PNG Image

    Pills Free Download
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  • Pills Hd PNG Image

    Pills Hd
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  • Pills Photos PNG Image

    Pills Photos
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  • Pills Transparent Image PNG Image

    Pills Transparent Image
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  • Pills Transparent Background PNG Image

    Pills Transparent Background
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