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A moustache is nothing but facial hair growth around the region between upper lip and nose. It is a French word, and find its origin from the Italian language, apparently from an Italian word moustacio, dialectal mostaccio, coming from the medieval Latin moustaccium ( used during the 8th century), also moving back to find origin in Medieval Greek. The history of its origin in Medieval Greek goes back to the ninth century, when it was attested, it is said it emerged as a diminutive of Hellenistic Greek, meaning upper lip or facial hair, maybe derived from Hellenistic Greek. 

Research does by sources claim that the prevalence of moustache and facial hair growth in general fall and rise according to the saturation of the marriage market. Hence the nuances of the thickness and density of the beard or moustache may help to convey age or androgen level. The popularity of having a moustache became popular in the 19th century and peaked in the 1880s and 1890s, happening to coincide with the popularity in the military virtues of the day. There exist various different associations with moustaches in accordance to different cultures. For example, moustaches are associated with power in the 20th century Arab countries.

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  • Kpop Hairstyle Bts Jin Hair Black PNG Image

    Kpop Hairstyle Bts Jin Hair Black
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  • Emotion Microphone Poseidon Emote Ice Twitch PNG Image

    Emotion Microphone Poseidon Emote Ice Twitch
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