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Ravana is delineated within the Hindu epic Ramayana because of the nice king of Lanka. Ravana is delineated as having been as a friend of Shiva, an excellent scholar, a capable ruler and an artist of the Veena, however, somebody World Health Organization wanted to overpower the Devas. His 10 heads represent his data of the Six Shastra's and also the four Vedas. Within the Ramayana, Ravana kidnaps Rama's woman Sita to actual revenge on Rama and his brother Lakshmana for having brought to a halt the nose of his sister Shurpanakha.
Ravana is worshipped by Hindus of Bisrakh, World Health Organization claim their city to be his birthplace. He's thought-about to be the foremost revered follower of Shiva. pictures of Ravana square measure seen related to Shiva at some places.
He additionally seems within the Buddhist Mahayana text Lankavatara Sutra, in Buddhist Ramayanas and Jatakas, yet as in Jain Ramayanas. Ravana was born to nice sage Vishrava (or Vesamuni), and his woman, the daitya aristocrat Kaikeshi. Folks of Bisrakh village in Uttar Pradesh claim that Bisrakh was named once Vishrava, which Ravana was born there. However, in keeping with Hel historical sources and traditional knowledge, Ravana was born in Lanka, wherever he later became king.
Ravana's grandpa on his father's aspect, the sage Pulastya, was one amongst the 10 Prajapatis or mind-born sons of Brahma and one amongst the Saptarishi (Seven nice Sages Rishi) within the initial Manvantara (age of Manu). His grandpa on his mother's aspect, Sumali (or Sumaya), king of the Rakshasas, was the son of Sukesha. Sukesha's oldsters were King Vidyutkesa, World Health Organization had married Salakantankata (daughter of Sandhya), World Health Organization had abandoned Sukesha, and however by the grace of Shiva he survived. Sumali had wanted her to marry the foremost powerful being within the mortal world, thus on turn out Associate in nursing exceptional heir. He rejected the kings of the globe, as they were less powerful than him.

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