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Clapperboard is a tool used in video production and film making to assist in synchronising of picture and sound and to designate and mark the various takes and scenes as they are audio recorded and filmed. Other names of clapperboard used may be clackeer, clapper, sync slate, clapboard, slate, slapperboard, slate board, time slate, board, sticks, dumb slate, smart slate and sound maker. It is also known as a lip flap when a movie's picture and sound are out of synchronization. These clapperboards have been an essential part of film making since the earliest sound films because audio and visual tracks were recorded on separate media by separate equipment. This was scenario until the advent of digital cinematography.
The invention of the clapperboard was done by F.W. Thring, also known as the father of actor Frank Thring. He was head of the Efftee Studios located in Melbourne, Australia. After its invention, it was famous as two sticks hinged together. It was later refined with both the sticks and slate together by Leon M.Leon, who was a pioneer sound engineer. In the history of the importance of using clapperboard the film Aretha Franklin ranks at the top. It was delayed for 46 years because the director, Sydney Pollack forgot to use the clapperboard, making its editing impossible until the invention of modern digital equipment.

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    Clapperboard Transparent
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    Clapperboard Png Picture
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    Clapperboard Free Download Png
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    Clapperboard Png Hd
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    Clapperboard Png File
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    Clapperboard Png Clipart
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    Clapperboard Png
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    Clapperboard Free Png Image
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    Clapperboard Picture
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    Clapperboard Png Image
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