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Hawkeye is a film also known as Karate Cops centred around the techniques of martial arts. It was directed by Leo Fong and George Chung. The film was released in 1988 and starred George Chung, Chuck Jeffreys, Troy Donahue, Hidy Ochiai, Stan Wertlieb and Elizabeth Frieje. In the story a man is killed and one of the cops and his partner are relentless in their pursuit of the killer. The story was also written by George Chung. To a fun fact, the movie was written, directed and starred by George Chung. The running time of the movie was of 90 mins. The person responsible for its cinematography was Frank Harris and the music was by Keith Eddy. 

The storyline of the movie was set on the Las Vegas Strip. There were two main characters, one being Alexander Hawkeye Hawkamoto from Texas and the other was Charlie Wilson. One of them is renegade cop while the other is a decorated lawman. There was a resemblance in the characters of Hawkeye, the confident karate kicking cop's partner and Eddie Murphy's character in Beverly Hills Cop. The best friend and former partner of Hawkeye is involved in some shady deal, and is somehow mysteriously killed by the mob and Hawkeye and Wilson are after the killers and are relentless in their pursuit.

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