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The Superman protect, conjointly referred to as the Superman brand, and is that the painting emblem for the fictional DC Comics superhero Superman. As an illustration of 1 of the primary superheroes, it served as an example for character style decades once Superman's debut. The tradition of sporting a representative image on the chest was mimicked by several consequent superheroes, together with attender, Spider-Man, the superb Four, inexperienced lamp, the Flash, woman, Hawkman, and lots of others.One among the primary various meanings was given in Superman: The picture show, within which it absolutely was not associate S, however rather the formed Coat of arms of the House of El because it was Brando's plan to possess Jor-El to wear the 'S' as a family crest, lore spun aloof from there.
Once the Superman revive story the person of Steel, the image's story was that it absolutely was designed by eating apple Kent associated was derived from an ancient Native yank symbol. The image was featured on a drugs blanket given to associate antecedent of the Kent family by a Native yank tribe once he helped to cure them of a scourge and was alleged to represent a snake, associate animal control to possess healing powers by the tribe (implying that, by sporting this image, Superman was a metaphoric healer). This was conjointly enclosed within the 1997 Superman cyclopaedia. In 2004, Mark Waid's Superman: Birth right series says the S-Shield is that the Kryptonian image for 'hope' and Superman believes it's going to have begun as a coat of arms for the House of El. in most versions, Superman's red cape has associate all-yellow version of the brand, with a skinny black (in the comics) or red (in movies, matching the red colour of the cape) line separating the areas.
A notable exception is in Superman: The Animated Series, wherever the brand was absent from Superman's cape. This was because of the issue in enlivening the S on the flowing cape. Within the 2006 film Superman Returns, the brand appeared on the buckle in reverse colours (yellow diamond and S with red background pieces) rather than on Superman's cape. The brand is additionally absent from Superman's cape within the 2013 film Man of Steel. Within 2011 revive of the mag series, on his cape could be a black pentagon and S with red background items.

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