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Speakers are electronic devices used to convert the electrical energy or chemical energy (as in the case of wireless speakers) into sound energy. These are used to produce sound waves. Generally are designed in such a manner that the sound waves produced by them are of higher amplitudes that the original waves. It can also be said that they convert electrical audio signals into corresponding sound. These are further categorised as loudspeakers, computer speakers, wireless speakers and dynamic speakers. Even though all of them have the same roles but their categorisation has taken place given to improvement of technology each day. The dynamic speaker designed and invented by Edward W. Kellogg and Chester W. Rice in 1924 is the most widely used type of speaker as of the 2010s. The dynamic speaker has taken its form on the same basis as that of a dynamic microphone. The only difference spotted between the two is the reverse conversion of energies and signals, as a microphone is used to convert sound signals into electric ones.
The principle behind the working of the speakers is Faraday's Law of Induction, according to which when an alternating current is sent to its voice coil, the coil suspended between the poles of a permanent magnet is forced to move back and forth, pushing the air to create sound waves.

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  • Audio Speakers PNG Image

    Audio Speakers
    Format: PNG
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  • Audio Speakers Transparent Image PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Transparent Image
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  • Audio Speakers Transparent Background PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Transparent Background
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  • Audio Speakers Clipart PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Clipart
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  • Audio Speakers Image PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Image
    Format: PNG
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  • Audio Speakers File PNG Image

    Audio Speakers File
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  • Audio Speakers Photos PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Photos
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  • Audio Speakers Transparent PNG Image

    Audio Speakers Transparent
    Format: PNG
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