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A desert is a barren area of landscape with very little occurrence of precipitation, consequently, making the living conditions hostile for plant and animal life. The lack of vegetation exposes the unprotected and prone surface of the ground to the processes of denudation. About one-third of the land surface of the world is semi-arid or entirely arid. This includes much of the polar regions as well where little precipitation occurs. These places are often referred to as polar deserts or "cold deserts". Deserts can be classified by the amount of precipitation that falls, by the causes of desertification, by the temperature that prevails or by their geographical location. Plants and animals living in the desert need specific adaptations in order to survive in the harsh environment. Plants with water-resistant cuticles tend to be tough and wiry with thin and small or no leaves at all and often have spines to deter herbivory. Some annual plants germinate, bloom and die within the period of a few weeks after rainfall while other long-lived plants tend to survive for years and have deep root systems able which are able to tap underground moisture. Animals need to keep themselves cool and find enough water and food to survive. Many are nocturnal and stay underground or under the shade during the heat of the day.

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  • Desert Image PNG Image

    Desert Image
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    Desert Clipart
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    Desert Transparent Image
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    Desert File
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  • Desert Photos PNG Image

    Desert Photos
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  • Desert Transparent PNG Image

    Desert Transparent
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  • Wargaming Model Scale Desert Dune PNG File HD PNG Image

    Wargaming Model Scale Desert Dune PNG File HD
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