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Frangipani blooms show up in summertime and proceed flowering properly into autumn. They are accessible in endless single and bi-color combinations, from the traditional yellow and white to pastel pinks and oranges, and even putting reds and lilacs. Although the blooms seem delicate, the bushes are robust, with lengthy lives, and can develop up to 8m tall. And if you're brief on house there are additionally compact choices. Frangipanis are pretty without problems propagated from cuttings – the trick is to enable the reducing base to dry out and callous over earlier than planting. Late spring to early summer season is a top time to take cuttings, however nearly any time will do. Simply reduce lengths of stems or lop off a branch, then put off most of the decrease leaves and any flower buds. Next, stand cuttings upright in a shady area for one to 4 weeks. Once dried, insert into a pot crammed with coarse sand and water sparingly till roots form. Although frangipanis are normally very hardy, there are diseases, such as rust, which can influence their health.
Rust is most sizeable in late summertime and autumn. Keep a lookout for yellow pustules acting on the undersides of leaves whilst the top floor is discolored and motley. If you see this, spray all surfaces with a fungicide such as Eco-fungicide or Yates Rose Shield – don't forget about to collect, bag and dispose of any fallen leaves. A clean-up spray with copper fungicide or lime Sulphur in wintry weather might also gradual the disease's progression. However, if the tree appears to a long way gone, think about taking cuttings from branches that seem to be the healthiest and replanting.

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