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Relying on the species, marigold foliage has a musky, stinky heady scent, even though some varieties were bred to be scentless. It is stated to discourage a few commonplace insect pests, in addition to nematodes. Tagetes species are subsequently regularly utilized in accomplice planting for tomato, eggplant, chili pepper, tobacco, and potato. Because of antibacterial thiophenes exuded by way of the roots, tagetes ought to no longer be planted close to any legume crop.
number of the perennial species are deer-, rabbit-, rodent- and javalina or peccary-resistant. T. Minuta (khakibush or huacatay), firstly from south the united states, has been used as a source of critical oil for the fragrance and enterprise referred to as tagette or "marigold oil", and as a flavourant inside the food and tobacco industries. It is usually cultivated in south africa, wherein the species is also a beneficial pioneer plant within the reclamation of disturbed land. The florets of tagetes erecta are rich inside the orange-yellow carotenoid lutein and are used as a food coloration in the eu union for ingredients together with pasta, vegetable oil, margarine, mayonnaise, salad dressing, baked items, confectionery, dairy products, ice cream, yogurt, citrus juice and mustard. Within the america, but, the powders and extracts are only approved as colorants in rooster feed. Marigolds are recorded as a meals plant for some lepidoptera caterpillars consisting of the dot moth, and a nectar supply for other butterflies. They're often part of butterfly gardening plantings. Inside the wild, many species are pollinated by means of beetles.

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