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The air pump is a pump for conveying the air. Otto von Guericke invented the coil vacuum pump in 1649. This pump was called an air pump in the lexicon of the 19th century. In addition, the Guericke air pump has reduced possible leaks between the piston and cylinder by using leather washers. The first effective air pump built for scientific purposes in England was manufactured by Robert Hooke for Robert Boyle in 1658. In 1705, an English scientist named Francis Hauksbee developed the style of a double air pump. The Hauksbee double air pump was mainly used for scientific research purposes and was able to create a vacuum. Examples include a bicycle pump, an aquarium, or pumps used to pierce air rocks; Gas compressor for operating an air device, an air horn or a pipe organ; A blower used to start a fire. Vacuum cleaner and vacuum pump. All air pumps have a part that moves the air flow (van, piston, impeller, membrane, etc.). When the air moves, a vacuum area is created that fills the air. The invention of the air pump led to the invention of vacuum pumps and vacuum tubes. The vacuum tube leads to a revelation in many areas. Vacuum pumps are used to manufacture freeze drying processes in the light bulb, medical, food and bio industries as well as in the nuclear power industry. Compressed air has contributed to the development of large cities through the process of building better and more powerful airways. Most of the important buildings in the community are made possible by these devices in skyscrapers, hotels, rentals and stadiums with reciprocating pumps and engines for the use of motor vehicles. They ensure that the latest food and data centres work. Pumps as a kind of pump A conventional diaphragm pump consists of a chamber that acts like a spring membrane.

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