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Transformers is a chain of yank science fiction movement films primarily based on the transformers franchise which started inside the eighties. Michael bay has directed the primary 5 movies: transformers (2007), revenge of the fallen (2009), dark of the moon (2011), age of extinction (2014), and the last knight (2017). A spin-off movie, bumblebee, directed by using travis knight and produced by using bay, became released on december 21, 2018. The series has been allotted by paramount images and dreamworks snap shots. The transformers series has obtained terrible to combined reception, besides for bumblebee and transformers (2007) which obtained superb evaluations. It's miles the 13th-highest-grossing film series, with a complete of $four. Eight billion; films in the collection have grossed over $1 billion each. For the first movie, producer don murphy changed into planning a g. I. Joe film model, but when the U. S. Launched the invasion of iraq in march 2003, hasbro recommended adapting the transformers franchise as an alternative. Tom desanto joined murphy because he turned into partial to the collection.
They met with comic book writer simon furman, and cited the generation 1 caricature and comics as their predominant have an impact on. They made the creation matrix their plot tool, though murphy had it renamed due to the movie series the matrix. Desanto selected to write down the remedy from a human factor of view to have interaction the audience, whilst murphy wanted it to have a realistic tone, harking back to a catastrophe movie. The treatment featured the autobots optimus high, ironhide, jazz, prowl, arcee, ratchet, wheeljack, and bumblebee, and the decepticons megatron, starscream, soundwave, ravage, laserbeak, rumble, skywarp and shockwave.

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    Transformers Logo Png Image
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    Transformers Logo Png Clipart
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    Transformers Logo Picture
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    Transformers Logo Png Picture
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    Transformers Logo Transparent
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    Transformers Logo Free Download Png
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    Transformers Logo Free Png Image
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    Transformers Logo Png
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