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Om, conjointly written as Aum Shinrikyo, is that the most sacred linguistic unit image and mantra of Brahman, the Almighty God in Hinduism. Brahman is Supreme Self, final Reality, and Creator of all Existence. The linguistic unit is commonly musical either severally or before a mantra, it signifies the essence of the last word reality, consciousness or Atma. The Om sound is that the primeval sound and is named the Shabda-Brahman (Brahman as sound). Om is a component of the image found in ancient and medieval era manuscripts, temples, monasteries and non-secular retreats in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The image encompasses a non-secular which means altogether Indian dharma, however, which means and connotations of Om vary between the varied faculties inside and across the assorted traditions.
Om refers to Atman (soul, self within) and Brahman (ultimate reality, the totality of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge). The linguistic unit is commonly found at the start and therefore the finish of chapters within the Vedas, the Upanishads, and alternative Hindu texts. It's a sacred non-secular magic spell created before and through the recitation of non-secular texts, throughout puja and personal prayers, in ceremonies of rites of passage (sanskara) like weddings, and generally throughout pensive and non-secular activities like Yoga. It's conjointly utilized in alternative Dharmic religions, like Buddhism, Jainism and religious belief. The linguistic unit Om is mentioned as Pranav. The alternative used terms are aksara (literally, letter of the alphabet, imperishable, immutable) or ekaksara (one letter of the alphabet) and omkara (literally, beginning, feminine divine energy). Udgitha, a word found in Sama religious writing and bhasya (commentaries) supported it, is additionally used as a reputation of the linguistic unit. The word has 3 phonemes: 'a-u-m', although it typically delineates as trisyllabic despite this being either archaic or the results of translation.

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