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The suit is the part of men's wear, it comprises of a jacket and trousers. Suits are generally made of identical textile or cloth an are usually worn with shirt and necktie. The Suit is originated in the 19th century as casual sports and country wear in Britain, these types of suits are generally known as lounge suits. With time people start appreciating these suits more and darker colours are introduced, soon these suits are worn by the working population of many countries, these suits are known as business suits nowadays. People started wearing suits to parties and special occasions and it opened the plethora of suit choices such as casual suits, wedding suits, long suits, short suits and many more.
Suits are offered in different designs are various constructions. Three piece suits with waistcoats and two-piece suits, single-breasted and double-breasted. Suits opened doors for other accessories as well such as Hats, various types of handkerchiefs, Different colour of suspenders, belts and watches.
Suits are usually associated with power and wealth. Some of the world's most powerful people can be seen wearing suits on every occasion, even movies show lead actor wearing dynamic suits. James bond suits are adored by masses and made him look like an alpha male. Suits are an integral part of a man's wardrobe.

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  • Trophy League Cristiano Ballon Ronaldo Gentleman Uefa PNG Image

    Trophy League Cristiano Ballon Ronaldo Gentleman Uefa
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  • Shoulder League Cricket Premier Mumbai National Indians PNG Image

    Shoulder League Cricket Premier Mumbai National Indians
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