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The tree is just a plant with an elongated stem, known as a trunk, supporting branches, usually leaves. Trees are also known as woody plants, they involve a variety of plant species. Some believe that trees were independently evolved a woody trunk and branches to get above or tower above other plants to compete for the sunlight. Trees generally tend to be long-lived, some being a thousand years old. A tree generally has many secondary branches that are supported by trunk. A tree has a woody trunk that is known to be formed by secondary growth, meaning that the trunk of the tree thickens with the passage of time.
The number of trees in the world is 2.96 trillion recorded in 2017. There is an estimate suggests that about 15 billion trees are cut down annually and about 5 billion are planted. Trees have different shape and structure according to a region where they grow, in cool temperatures confiers predominates in the region, in tropical regions where monsoon is prevalent, broad trees dominate the forests. In tropical regions or regions with dry climates, trees with faint leaves or hard leaves are present to conserve water in them. Deforestation or cutting of trees should be our main concern, trees should be planted and conserved for proper ecological balance and human survival.

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    Basketball Magic Center Orlando Black White Amway
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    Toronto Pink Flower Allstar Game Nba 2016
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