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In the modern day world, technology is majorly referred with digitalisation and upgradation in the already existing digital models, whereas the appropriate definition of technology comprises the summation of skills, techniques, processes and methods, which are used in the production of goods and services and also in the accomplishment of objectives such as scientific research. One can say that technology might be the knowledge of techniques, processes and methods, while this can also be embedded in a machine which might not know about it, but is successful in its functioning on the basis of the data entered. 

The basic definition of any technological system or technological systems is that they apply technology by taking an input, changing and amending it according to the system's use and producing a desired output. The simplest form of technology can be referred to as in the form of the most basic tools. The examples of such basic tools which helped in advancement of culture and can be termed as technology are, the discovery of how to control fire, the invention of the wheel, Neolithic revolution, etc. Moving towards the invention of electronics, one might include the invention of a bulb, printing press, telephone, the internet and social media.

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  • Toy End Rainbows Child Text Cartoon PNG Image

    Toy End Rainbows Child Text Cartoon
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  • Cricket Festival National Global India Citizen World PNG Image

    Cricket Festival National Global India Citizen World
    Format: PNG
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