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A balloon or a ballon is a bag like structure formed by inflation, in other terms its a bag that can be inflated with effusion of gases such as hydrogen, helium, oxygen, nitrous oxide and air. Balloons can be used for different purposes and for special ones they can be filled with liquid water ( as in used during the festival of holi, for splashing water on people by targeting them), smoke or by granular media such as rice, flour or sand. The materials which are used in the making of modern day balloons could be latex, rubber, polychloroprene or a simple nylon fabric. These are available in many colours and qualities. Earlier, there existed balloons made by the ancient men by using dried animal bladders, per say the pig bladder.

The different purposes for which balloons are used could be, for decorative purposes, entertaining purposes or practical purposes such as those of medical treatment, meteorology, transportation or military defence. This wide range of applications of balloons emerges from its properties like that of low cost and low density. The invention of rubber balloon was done by the great scientist Michael Faraday in 1824, while he was performing various experiments with a wide range of gases.

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