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A banquet is a formal and large meal or fest which often involves main courses and desserts. The meal organised tends to serve a purpose such as a ceremony, charitable dining or a celebration, frequently this also involves in either following or preceding of speeches in honor of the guest of honour. There has been a great controversy about the origin of feasting, and hence numerous theories have been suggested throughout the past. Brian Hayden, suggests that the feasts were an important social event facilitated by or featuring the surplus or excess of food, resulting in experience gaining political and social ties and acquiring a competent element to display one's own wealth. Another figure, Whilst Bendall suggests the importance of luxury food, whereas there has been an argument with the statement of Hayden suggesting the likelihood that rice and animal meat were part of these luxury goods. 

As a notion, Banqueting has manifested itself in various forms throughout history. Symposia, an early kind of Banquet, in Ancient Greece, formed a routine part of life, involving the celebratory drinking of wine, performances of poetry and conversation and music. Banquets persistent in popularity over the years include Last Supper, Belshazzar's Feast, Mead halls and Manchu Han Imperial Feast.

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    Banquet Transparent Background
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    Banquet Transparent
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    Banquet File
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    Banquet Photos
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    Banquet Image
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    Banquet Clipart
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    Banquet Transparent Image
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